We offer a number of services that are suited to Client needs:

Assessment and Moderation

Our independent assessment and moderation services are designed to provide professional development opportunities for our clients’ assessors as well as offering help with moderations, supporting workloads and meeting compliance requirements.

G-TEN Business Solutions has fully accredited assessors and moderators for the following Qualifications:




  • Conduct outcomes based assessment Level 6
  • Conduct moderation of outcomes based assessment Level 6
  • Early Childhood Development


  • National Certificate Information Technology: End user Computing Level 3
  • National Certificate Information technology: System Support Level 5
  • National certificate Information technology: System Development: Level 5
  • National Certificate Information Technology: Technical support Level 5


  • National certificate Wholesale & Retail Operations Level 2 & 3
  • National certificate Wholesale and retail Distribution Level 2
  • FETC: Generic management Wholesale and retail Management Level 4 LP 63333
  • National Certificate : Wholesale and retail management Level 5 LP 63334
  • National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Supervision Level 4
  • National Certificate: Informal Business practices Level 3


  • FETC: Project Management Level 4 50080
  • National Certificate Project Management Level 5
  • FETC: Business Administration services Level 4
  • FETC: Business system operations: End User
  • FETC: Administration Service Level 4
  • FETC: Marketing Level 4
  • FETC New venture creation Level 2
  • FETC New Venture creation Level 4
  • National Diploma Marketing: Level 5


  • Ward Committees
  • Municipal governance



Our facilitators are experienced and successful and have extensive experience in facilitation skills.We are focused on assisting  students / learners to achieve the competencies as listed in your outcomes contained within your learning material.

Some of the courses we facilitate include but are not limited to:

v End user computing (Operate a PC, MS Word, MS Excel, Internet & Email, MS Powerpoint, files and folder management)

v Intermediate Spreadsheet skills

v Advanced Spreadsheet Skills

v Presentation Skills

v Database Skills


v Cashier Skills Program

v First Aid Training

v Customer Care

v New venture Creation

v Report Writing and minute taking

v Financial management

v MS Project & Project Management

v Coaching and Mentoring

v Business Management for SMME’s

v Conflict Management & resolution

 Material Design and Alignment

G-TEN Business Solutions is passionate about learning and development and we therefore design quality material as per quality needs. Our learning material consists of the following:

vAligning existing material to the National Qualification Framework (NQF) by being based and directed towards outcomes, competencies and unit standards and qualifications registered at the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

vDesigning and developing new material by being based and directed towards outcomes, competencies and unit standards and qualifications registered at (SAQA).

 training material delivered will consist of the following:

üFacilitator Guide,

üLearner Guide,

üFormative and Summative Assessments,

üAssessment tools e.g. Knowledge questionnaire and memorandum, observation sheet, product evaluation sheet

 Provider Accreditation

We assist clients with provider accreditation as follows:

v Advise on organisational policies and procedures and resources needed to implement quality management within the organisation

v Deliver a quality management system tailor made to adhere to the organisation, industry and legislative requirements

v Assist with required SETA Documents

v Train the key role players in implementing the quality management System in the workplace for accreditation Purposes (facilitators, assessors and moderators).

v Conduct pre-site verification in order to support and advise organisations in the compliance with the requirements in order to obtain accreditation.